Trip to Gamescom 2017

Hello developers, gamers and friends!

We want to inaugurate this blog talking about our experience at Gamescom. A few weeks ago we have the chance to be part of the “Games from Spain” booth at Gamescom, sponsored by the ICEX. The experience was AMAZING.

It was our first super big videogame event, so we were a little nervous about the reception of our games by the public, but ALL WORKED in the better way. So we enjoyed Gamescom and had fun and so much work.

We showed all our games and apps. Max and the Book of Chaos, our most big game. Runnbo, a runner game for mobile devices. Otaku avatar, The Driver Experience, Chaos Mansion (our escape room project) and Space Monsters Attack!.

We meet good people and better professionals. The event was so massive so we felt very happy to show our games to a lot of gamers and developers! It´s so useful for us to get so much feedback that will allow us to improve our games. So THANKS to all the people who  came to visit us.