Max and the book of chaos” is and arcade 2D action game with  elements of run and gun and shoot ´em up classic videogames, focused on giving to the player a true arcade feeling experience. The game also offers mechanics of upgrading equipment and some features for Max. And all of this mixed with and interesting and funny story to create a unique narrative lore with a cool cartoon graphic style.


You will play as MAX, the hero of the game. A kid who will have the destiny of the world in his hands. The action will take place in a strange summer school. In an old and mysterious castle. A forgotten book with strange powers will unleash a fun and dark chaos. And you, in the role of Max Racoon, will have to face this wave of disasters, save the world and free your buddies.


Game will be avaible for PC/MAC, PS4, Switch and XboxOne


Max and the Book of Chaos is and arcade 2D action game with elements of run and gun and shoot ´em up classic games with a strong arcade feeling.


The main references of the game are:


Super Pang: For the levels structure.

Metal Slug: Thinking about the action mechanics.

Pop culture: the story has a lot of references to icons of the 80´s / 90´s movies, comics, and literature… etc. Also some actual stuff 😉


Max and the book of chaos is structured in a very arcade structure. We have designed cool scenarios that will be the playground for Max. All of them drawn with with love and special care on details so they feel different and funny.

Each scenario has six different levels of difficulty + a final boos level, from a very easy/light gameplay experience to a hardcore/extreme challenge. “Easy to play, hard to master”. That´s the clue for Max ATBOC.


Max ATBOC has a true arcade core, but we have put a lot of love to create a good narrative and lore in order to give Max a a whole new world.


The game take place in an old castle that has become a summer school. But the castle hide a lot of secrets. A legendary old book that has the power to open portals between dimensions and times lies there. This book is imbued with the power of the dark matter and has been hidden for millennia. But now Someone has unleashed its power. The portals has been opened and our world has been invaded by hordes of strange, fun and chaotic enemies. And YES, Max Racoon is our only true hope.


The story will evolve as Max beat levels and get through the scenarios with cool cinematic comic pages.


There are some screenshots with pieces of what we are preparing for Max!


Hope you like it!